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Submitted Memorandum on ‘Development of Civil Aviation and Support Facilities’ to the Estimates Committee of the Ninth Lok Sabha on request.

Submitted Memorandum on ‘Customs Clearance at International Airports’ to the Estimates Committee of the Tenth Lok Sabha on request.

Submitted updated recommendations on Civil Aviation to the Estimates Committee of the Tenth Lok Sabha.

Participated in the Justice Shivshankar Bhat Court of Enquiry formed to examine the cause of the A-320 air crash in Bangalore in February 1990.

Implementation of the Open Skies policy by raising the issue continuously with the Ministry right from 1990.

Participated in AVIA INDIA 1991, an international seminar at Delhi and made an audio visual presentation on ‘Airport Facilities and Support Systems’.

Filed writ petition on withdrawal of Gulf surcharge at Madras High Court in September 1991.

Participated in the Travel Agencies Association of India (TAAI) exhibition at Hyderabad in October 1992.

Filed writ petition on union problems at Indian Airlines at Madras High Court in December 1992.

Presented the APAI EXCELLENCE AWARDS to personnel of airlines and airport authorities in June 1994.

Conducted and presented a consumer reaction study on Airport facilities at the four metros and presented the same to Shri Madhav Rao Scindia, the then Minister of Civil Aviation.

Conversion of Indian Airlines and Air India to Public Limited companies under the Companies Act.

Formation of Bureau of Civil Aviation Security by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Reduction of air fares and taxes for handicapped, disabled and senior citizens.

Increasing of compensation of wounded passengers from Rs.40,000/- to Rs.1,00,000/-, with a maximum of Rs.500/- per day.

Increase in the working hours of the booking offices of airlines.

Provision of passenger amenities like Business Centre, Lounges, First Aid Centre, Creches and vending machines for coffee and drinks, STD and ISD booths and free local calls at airports.

Quicker refund on lost tickets, cancellation of flights on second lag of the journey without prior warning and reimbursement of extra expenditure incurred on accommodation and taxi fare in such cases.

Increase in compensation of lost baggage from Rs.160/- per kg to Rs.300/- per kg.

Disbanding of Vayudoot to avoid duplication of IA services and to prevent heavy losses.

Merger of IAAI and NAA into one entity, the Airports Authority of India (AAI).

Formation of the Air Transport Council and the Regional Advisory Committee and representation of APAI in the latter.

Establishing Mumbai office and launch of APAI website in January 2005.

Based on a complaint filed by APAI, the Advertising Standards Council of India found an Air India advertisement regarding air fares to be misleading and advised the airline to take corrective measures

APAI has also organized the following programmes / seminars, giving the public an opportunity to interact with the civil aviation authorities and voice their opinion:-

Panel Discussion on “Air Travel in India – Problems and Solutions”, with officials of Civil Aviation.

Open Forum on “The Indian Airlines Passenger – will his nightmare end ?” with Mr. Suresh Krishna, Mr. Arun Shourie and civil aviation officials.

Open Forum on “Indian Airlines strike – lessons to be learnt” with M. V. Arunachalam, Mr. Bapty Seshasayee, Mr. Balakrishna Rao and Mr. M. R. Sivaraman.

Open Forum on “Indian Civil Aviation” with Mr. M. R. Pai and Ms. Swaran Kohli.

Seminar on “The Infrastructure at the airports in Mumbai” with Mr. Peter Leuthi of Jet Airways, Mr. Zakir Ahmed of the Travel Agents Federation of India (TAFI), Mr. S. Ranganathan of Air India and Mr. Monga of Airport Authorities of India.

Seminar on “Airport Infrastructure – India” with Mr. V. J. Kurian of Cochin International Airport Limited, Mr. S. N. Subramanyan of L & T – ECC Division and Mr. S. Subramanyan of Chennai Airport.

APAI takes pride in the fact that it has also effectively handled innumerable complaints from its members on a variety of issues ranging from refund for lost tickets to quality of in-flight services.

Above all, the Air Passengers Association of India has succeeded in creating the right impact in the minds of the air passengers about their rights and responsibilities while, at the same time, creating in the minds of the civil aviation authorities and airlines an awareness that there is a watchdog for the industry keeping a vigil on their acts and activities.

1. There was a long pending issue regarding non-payment of compensation for air travel from Calcutta to Bangalore via Chennai, in 2006 when, due to a bird hit, Spice jet cancelled its connecting flight from Chennai to Bangalore. An aged couple Mrs. and Mr.Chakraborty was put in a bus by Spice jet to Bangalore although they had paid air fare. Spice jet, after several emails and letters, both by the party and APAI agreed to compensate the aggrieved party with a sum of Rs.5840.00 being the air fare. 2. Mr. Pradeep Sabharwal, our Life member had booked his ticket by Emirates from Hyd-Dubai-Hyd., in First Class last year. But due to configuration change, the airline downgraded his seat to Business Class. When Mr. Sabharwal claimed the difference in the fares, the airline did not bother to reimburse the same for more than two months. Ultimately, he referred the matter to us and we took up the matter directly with the Head Office of Emirates. They immediately responded by promising to reimburse the amount. Mr. Pradeep was very happy and was thankful for our service.

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